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After getting  Film and Television degree at Istanbul Bilgi University 2012, he directed music videos and commercials for various global and local brands. He co-founded  a production company in Istanbul 2014.


His work is best described as intuitive and personal. He is committed for creating cinematographic images. 

Director specialist  in commercials, conceptual humour, visual narrative, table top and music videos.

The music video 'Elz feat Valley / Acid Symphony’ directed by Serdar Gazi, after its release MTVU and AXS TV put the 5-minute music video on their daily rotation for a limited time and after a while it got nominated as 'The Best Video' & 'Best Pop' at Hollywood Music in Media Awards. He also earned numerous awards with Ebay  'inspiring seller stories`.  


He is still creating  film contents for global brands and working on a feature film and TV series scenario.

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